About Us

We make super-strong collars that stand up to your lifestyle and the mud, sand and pet hair that goes along with it.


Whether you’re off-grid camping in Harrison, hiking the mighty Chief, surfing Chesterman beach in Tofino or patio lounging in Kits, a Fawn & Moose collar makes the statement that your co-pilot is up for anything.

The Ladies


Hi, we are Caroline and Tori, a mom and daughter duo who specialize in beautiful bead collars for pets.  Aside from our love of everything dog, we both admit to a bit of an obsession with houseplants and each of us have more than just a few tattoos. We are finished with neither!  


The Dogs


Fawn & Moose are the nicknames of the brand’s two top dogs, Paisley (Fawn) & Ditto (Moose).


Paisley is a Pitbull/Yellow Lab cross, dropped off in Lake Country, BC with the rest of her litter to be euthanized.


The pups all had parvo, were malnourished and not expected to survive.


Tori is an RVT and while caring for the tiny pups she saw the fighter in Paisley and wouldn’t allow this tiny Fawn-like creature to not have a chance at life.


Paisley, well....she survived, she thrived and quickly grew into the uber self-confident diva she is today.


Paisley was soon able to go home with Tori and meet her older brother Frank the cattle dog cross.


Today, she’s vivacious, super vocal in the car, an incredible swimmer, sassy, more than a little bit fancy but always ready to get dirty outdoors with her pack.  

Screen Shot 2020-12-09 at 5.23.00 PM.png

Ditto is a Boxer/Pointer cross posted on social media as one of only three survivors of an unplanned litter. He was black in colour, the runt and didn’t look like either breed, making him least likely to be picked. We had lost our German Shorthair the year before at 14 and were not really sure we were ready to bring another dog home. BUT: when the tiny black baby moose teetered over to us and promptly fell asleep, hearts shattered.


Definitely not a runt anymore, he represents pure joy, with his enormous personality and ungainly ways. Coming in hot like a toddler in a Ferrari, he’s clumsy, rambunctious, unaware of his size and a really - really terrible swimmer. (So bad!)


Just a mere six weeks apart in age, these crazy best friends are the reason we created Fawn & Moose Collars and became "entrepawneurs”. 


We truly appreciate every order and thank you for supporting small business in BC! 


Welcome to the pack!